Are experienced software developers better?

By Andy Garner | Aug 12 2018

In short, it depends!

At Elastic Mint we take experience seriously. It’s one of the things that informs everything we do. We find that a good developer with a wealth of experience will make better decisions. They will reflect on things they have seen and done, learn from them, and then use that knowledge as and when appropriate.

Although it’s a bit old now, Peter Knego makes this point in his blog here, where he analyses reputation statistics on Stack Overflow. Robert C. Martin then takes his lead from this to talk about the benefits of having an older more experienced person on your team and also his concerns that there are too few older developers.

One of the problems that has plagued the software industry over the years is the sheer number of failed projects. The comment that often goes alongside these stories is that we should have learnt from these failures by now. But how can we learn if the people involved in these failures move on to other roles and are replaced by other people who don’t have those experiences? We get trapped in a cycle of failure because we often have few or even no developers with more than about 5 years of experience.

Of course not all experience is good experience. There are developers who have been repeating the same year of experience for the last 25 years, and not every experienced developer is going to be great. But in general more experienced developers are more skilled.

Elastic Mint was founded by 3 developers each with 15+ years of experience. We believe that gaining the trust of our clients is important, and by providing an experienced team we can hit the ground running and quickly start delivering.

If you have a problem that could benefit from our team, contact us here to receive a no-obligation consultation. Alternatively email us at if you would like more information about how we can help you.

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