A Timely Warning

By Julian Ferguson | Oct 8 2020

A timely warning that most businesses should heed

It was bemusing to note that the governments “£12bn” test and trace system failed in its primary purpose because of a spreadsheet glitch". It was bemusing because there are an amazing number of businesses that still rely on manual processes that would be cheaper and more reliable if they were automated.

In the movie world, process automation and AI is generally painted as a bad thing - Terminator, War Games, I, Robot etc. As software developers we get to see plenty of mission critical software of one sort or another that is a patchwork of different systems and applications held together with spreadsheets.

Elastic Mint are often called in to fix the problems after the event but more enlightened IT professionals and business owners give us the opportunity to independently review their IT systems, processes and underlying coding to ensure risks and potential improvements are effectively assessed. This enables the business to focus IT spending on areas that improve security, efficiency and competitive advantage. The “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” philosophy needs to go hand in hand with “what are the consequences if it does break” and “what are the dependencies”. If the answers are “very serious” and “manual spreadsheets” then I suggest you give us a call.

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