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Elastic Mint was born from the desire to deliver excellent software using smaller teams of extremely experienced developers. Collaboration, communication and a shared understanding of business goals feature highly in our way of working.

As founders of Elastic Mint we’ve been developing software for between fifteen and twenty years. We met whilst working as contractors at the same company and kept in touch as we each moved on to various other opportunities. Through discussions over time, we had the idea that as a small team of expert software developers we could be very effective and cost-efficient at designing and delivering software. With the experience we had acquired over the years we felt the time was right to set up a company that could help others achieve their business goals, with the help of software, in a way that offers tangible value very early on.

Contact us us if you would like our help to design and deliver an upcoming project or would like to talk about an idea you have for a software solution to your business challenges.

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Meet the team

Andy Garner - Partner

Andy has been developing software professionally since 2001 starting off with Visual Basic and C++, and then continuing with C# and the various incarnations of ASP.Net. He has delivered software for companies both big and small including Just Eat, ASOS, Capita, Imperial Civil Engineering and the Cotswold Group.

Having experienced both success and failure on projects, he believes passionately that getting the basics right is vital to delivering quality working software. He champions automating the path to tested and deployed software in order to provide the confidence and flexibility to adapt to changing needs and requirements.

Gordon Barrs - Partner

Gordon has been a professional software developer for over 20 years. He has developed software for many companies including Just-Eat, ASOS, Tesco.com and Clarks.com. In recent years Gordon has been developing Cloud applications for deployment into Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS ( for which he holds AWS Solutions Architect certification). He believes strongly in collaboration between developers and product stakeholders, excellence in technical practices and continuous improvement. He believes that paying constant attention to these 3 things results in software of excellent quality that is built to do the right thing in a way that is more easily maintained and extended in the future.

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