Our Values

You might recognise our values. When we came together as a partnership one of the first things we did was to list all the things we would always do and all the things we would never do. For example, some of things that appeared in the ‘always do’ list were to be open and transparent about what we do, communicate both good and bad news, work collaboratively and deliver software we are proud of. Some of the things in the ‘never do’ list included ignoring customer feedback and delivering low quality work. When we looked at what we had come up with we realised that all of these things are summed up nicely by the Extreme Programming values.

Communication is a big part of bringing our values to life. We believe smaller teams communicate and work more effectively than larger teams. Everyone is part of the team and we communicate daily. We work together on everything from requirements to code. We create the best solution to your problem we can, together.

Simplicity is about doing just enough and no more than is needed. Working in small, simple steps means we can get feedback sooner. This, in turn, allows people we work with to make more informed decisions about what to develop next and allows the early mitigation of failures. Another benefit of simplicty is that the cost of change is lowered, making our software easier to maintain and extend.

Feedback is about delivering working software in each iteration so that we can demonstrate our software early and often. In doing so we are able to gain feedback from the people we are working with and can plan what to do next based on that feedback. We will talk about the project and remain flexible enough to adapt our process to it, not the other way around.

Respect is about giving and feeling respect as a valued team member. We respect the expertise of the people we work with. We work with people who respect our expertise and who respect our right to accept responsibility and receive authority over our own work.

Courage is about doing the right thing. We will tell the truth about progress and estimates. We will adapt to changes whenever they happen. We don’t fear anything because no one ever works alone.