How we work

We believe that the complexity, scale and importance of the work we do for clients requires developers who have a deep understanding of both business and technology. This enables our clients to achieve greater business value faster

We develop in a way that enables software development projects to flex and adapt in line with business requirements.

We work in an additive and transparent way so business value is delivered from the outset.

We ensure that resources are targeted on the areas that bring greatest and most immediate business benefit first.

We focus on achieving fast delivery, high quality and robust design.

At Elastic Mint we:

  • Hire very experienced, UK-based, developers because we believe that this greatly enhances collaboration. We actively encourage our teams to share knowledge and constantly improve the depth and breadth of their personal and collective capability
  • Encourage our developers to constantly evaluate new applications and methodologies
  • Believe in “sweating the small stuff” to ensure that what we develop is high quality and truly fit for purpose
  • Place equal importance on having developers who have an excellent grasp of business issues, backed up by strong leadership and organisational skills
  • Are extremely adept at matching business requirement to technical solutions
  • Are comfortable leading teams of developers whether UK-based or across different countries and time zones
  • Are equally comfortable working on our own initiative individually or collectively
  • Actively share our expertise with those we work with

Our Approach

We engage with our customers to fully understand the problem they are trying to solve.

Where we differ from others is that we take a very flexible approach that allows for a certain amount of change in needs and requirements along the way. With this in mind we seek to adopt a way of working and develop software that allows for change. We recognise businesses constantly evolve and their needs change over the course of a project.


We automate the build, test and deployment process so we can concentrate on developing new features.

Our experience shows automation is important because it enables incremental business benefit from the outset and builds in scope and capability until project completion. This has 3 key benefits because it:

  • Delivers working software early, quickly and often
  • Enables incremental value to the business meaning even if the project is curtailed value is still generated
  • Allows for changes in budget or scope along the way if required


We work with businesses to identify which features add the most value. Then we organise and prioritise the workload to achieve the outcomes required on-time and in full.

We do not ascribe to the “big reveal” software development process. We deliver incremental business benefit from the outset until completion so the business realises the maximum possible benefit. Our approach:

  • Provides total transparency of cost and progress at all stages
  • Enables developers and business leaders to focus on areas of most value to the business
  • Delivers solutions that work in the way the business wants

What people say

From the start of our relationship with Elastic Mint in 2018 they have continually delivered software to the highest standards. Working with Elastic Mint gives me absolute confidence that our software development is of a very high standard with excellent functionality. They let nothing slip.

Amy Bensted

VP Head of Preqin Pro Product

Elastic Mint challenge our thinking – their expertise plays a key role in helping us deliver our strategy and long-term vision. They provide architectural guidance and bring an outstanding level of quality and maturity to every interaction, be it software or personal

Richard Kerslake

VP Engineering Preqin

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