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.NET and Azure


.NET and Azure are Microsoft’s flagship technologies for developing and hosting software. Elastic Mint developers have been using these technologies since they first arrived on the scene

The Microsoft technology stack compliments the Elastic Mint way of working. Harnessing the power of Microsoft’s Azure offerings allows Elastic Mint to design, build and deliver .NET software solutions quickly and easily.

Elastic Mint developers make full use of the Azure DevOps suite of tools to deliver modular, scalable applications.

You don’t have to wait to complete the development of your application before you start using it. We can help design, plan and release your applications so you can use essential features as soon as they are ready.

Our developers will create a pipeline that builds and automatically tests the software before deploying it to a staging environment where you can try new features as they are built and release any of those features as soon as you are ready.

Early feedback from users often results in new feature ideas and enhancements of existing features. Our development process allows you to change the order of feature development to incorporate this feedback if required.

Problems we have solved for customers in this way include:

  • APIs serving data to web applications
  • Data transformation
  • Excel exports
  • Apache Spark integration
  • Search implementation
  • Data feed provision
  • Product showcase portals
  • Bespoke CRMs
  • Project tracking portals

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What people say

From the start of our relationship with Elastic Mint in 2018 they have continually delivered software to the highest standards. Working with Elastic Mint gives me absolute confidence that our software development is of a very high standard with excellent functionality. They let nothing slip.

Amy Bensted

VP Head of Preqin Pro Product

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