Elastic Mint is a young, UK based company, founded in 2018 with a vision to:

Rapidly deliver excellent software with experienced developers

The pace of technology change and the financial and reputational consequences for businesses when their business systems fail to evolve fast enough has never been more stark.

Our clients believe that having teams of highly experienced software developers, working on the creation and development of their business critical systems, is key to mitigating risk and improving competitive advantage.

Focus on solving companies’ most critical business and technological challenges

Occasionally business advantage is achieved by a technological leap. More usually it is achieved by many seemingly small innovations. This is where developers, like those at Elastic Mint, who are experienced in agile working really pays dividends.

We develop software in a flexible way that takes into account inevitable changes to requirements and timescales along the way.

Work with clients in a genuinely transparent and collaborative way

We only hire the most talented, UK-based people and create a culture where they can collaborate and become even better.

This enables Elastic Mint to hire and keep the best talent in a harmonious culture of continuous improvement.

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